Protein-based dietary fat supplement for additional energy.
  • Amino Acids to provide energy source and support muscle growth
  • Ribose to aid in ATP production, which is a key source of energy in
    exercising horses
  • Dietary fat and protein to assist in building energy stores
  • Natural Polyphenols as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents
  • Active Yeast and short-chain Fructooligosacchardides (scFOS) to support digestive health
  • Easily absorbed, bio-available Chelated Zinc to help maintain the immune system
  • Boswellia extract, an anti-inflammatory agent in times of stress
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Product Description

ATP-10: Protein based dietary fat supplement for additional energy

Plusvital ATP-10 is designed as a feed supplement that provides a careful blend of dietary fat, protein and vitamins to encourage glycogen sparing effect to encourage both stamina and more efficient use of energy. ATP-10 has recently been reformulated to provide a dietary boost in the ten days before competition.

Scientific research has shown that the presence of dietary fat in a horse’s feed may have a sparing effect on the glycogen stores during peak performance. By combining fat with selected vitamins and protein including branched chain amino acids, Plusvital ATP-10 aims to encourage the metabolism of lipid energy stores to delay muscle fatigue.

Available Sizes & Feeding Days


Directions for Use

  • 10 days before a race, gradually replace 500g / 17.6oz of usual feed with Plusvital ATP-10
  • A 200 ml measure is provided

Key Ingredients

Per 500 g / 17.6 oz:
Vitamins: Vitamin B12 120 μg, Vitamin C 2,000 mg, Choline Chloride
120 mg. Trace Elements: Zinc 300 mg. Amino Acids: Lysine 9,350 mg, Methionine 2,775 mg, Threonine 7,580 mg, Leucine 13,100 mg, IsoLeucine 8,250 mg, Valine 9,000 mg, Histidine 3,350 mg, Arginine 9,350 mg, Glutamate 29,950 mg. Natural Antioxidants: Flavouring compounds (Vitamin E equivalent) 1,500 mg. Minerals: Calcium 10,050 mg, Phosphorous 6,050 mg, Sodium 10,000 mg, Potassium 2,000 mg, Magnesium 800 mg. Other Additives: Boswellia Serrata 1,000 mg, D-Ribose 5,000 mg, scFOC 30,000 mg. Digestibility Enhancers: Yeast 4,000 mg.

What the pros are saying

“I’ve been using Plusvital since last year and I’ve really noticed the difference in my horse, Sorbet, on the cross-country phases and in his recovery after events”
Melanie Young
Former Irish International Pony, Junior and Young Rider Eventing Medallist
“We do a DNA test on all our horses and he came up a T:T long, which is an extreme distance horse, so before we raced him we knew he was a horse with the genetic potential to run 3,200+ metres. That has always been at the back of our mind.”
Danny O'Brien
Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Danny O’Brien on genetically testing Vow and Declare with the Plusvital Racing Genepak, including the Speed Gene Test