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Highly effective shampoo formula that thoroughly cleans the coat of the horse without removing the natural coat oils.
  • Low foaming
  • Can be used regularly
  • Maintains natural moisture barrier
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Product Description

Horse shampoo: A highly effective equine shampoo and conditioner formula that thoroughly cleans the coat of a horse without removing the natural coat oils

Plusvital Horse Shampoo is used by horse professionals where the maintenance of coat in prime condition are required. In addition, the low foaming formula of Plusvital Horse Shampoo ensures a minimal amount of rinsing is required after use. No strapping-in of oil is necessary even with daily use.

Available Sizes & Feeding Days

2.5 L / 0.66 Gal – 83 washes

1 L/ 0.26 Gal – 33 washes

Directions for Use

  • Mix in 30 ml / 1 oz of Plusvital Shampoo in a bucket of lukewarm water.
  • Wash horse thoroughly. Rinse with plain water

What the pros are saying

“I have been using Neutragast on my horses and I found the results fantastic. My top horse at the moment, Minority Report, has really changed since he has been on it”
Paddy O’Donnell
Irish International Showjumper
“I’ve been really impressed with how Plusvital supplements have kept my horses in great shape throughout the year, so that they can perform consistently at the top level.”
Cathal Daniels
Irish European Eventing Championships and World Equestrian Games Eventing Medallist
“I’ve been using Plusvital EnerGene-Q10 since last year and I’ve really noticed the difference in my horse, Sorbet, on the cross-country phases and in his recovery after events”
Melanie Young
Former Irish International Pony, Junior and Young Rider Eventing Medallist