Ramon Fallon

Ramon has a B.Eng. and M.Sc. Computational Science from UCD and has worked with the BBC, Ericsson and Gartner before specialising in Bioinformatics in 2008. In this capacity, he has worked at the University of Vigo in Spain, Uppsala University in Sweden and University of St. Andrews in Scotland working on aligning sequences, assembling genomes and quantifying gene expression in diverse species such as yeast, mussels and crows as well as microbial metagenomics. His main interest is in algorithms for unravelling signals and patterns in abundant data which is something that his background in electronic engineering and bioinformatics have in common.

Ramon enjoys the great outdoors and cycles and runs in his spare time. Despite this, he concedes that his job of analysing equine DNA is an entirely indoor task staring and typing at computer screens. He’s still thrilled to be working with horses though: “actually a horse race can be simply modelled as an exciting Poisson process which is similar to how DNA evolves too”, he says.

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