Support weanlings with Plusvital Breeding Robust

Plusvital Breeding Robust is scientifically formulated to balance the diet of the growing horse and help protect against dietary inadequacies that may lead to development issues. This nutritional supplement is designed to support robust skeletal health with a combination of calcium, phosphorus, essential amino acids and vitamin D.

Containing several targeted and beneficial ingredients, it is a soy protein-based supplement, making it highly palatable.

Breeding Robust provides increased levels of lysine and methionine, both of which are important for muscle growth. Lysine in particular aids to develop muscle mass, collagen formation and tissue development in weanlings.

An important issue in foals, weanlings and young horses is the prevention of developmental orthopedic disease (OCD) the complex of musculoskeletal disorders some examples of which include: physitis, angular limb deformities, subchondral bone cysts and osteochondrosis. The prevalence of these diseases can be over 60% in young Thoroughbreds.

The causes of these diseases are multi-factorial including genetics, hormones, conformation, growth rate, exercise type/amount and nutrition. An irregular growth rate or spurts may be a factor that increases the risk of these diseases.

Plusvital Breeding Robust provides increased calcium and phosphorus in the correct ratio (2:1) which can support the bone growth early in life. Additionally, high levels of Vitamins A and D are also provided to support bone growth.

As it is in a pellet form it can be fed to young horses by itself without the need for additional feed and a high oil content provides more energy in a smaller quantity of ration. Being able to feed Plusvital Breeding Robust by itself enables reduction of calories in the diet if required.


Available in 4kg or 10kg.


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