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The globalization of racing has eroded the margins of success between trainers. High performance is no longer guaranteed based on pedigrees. A study* carried out on winning margins in racing suggests that the overall percentage difference between first place and second place  is 0.32%, the difference between first and third was 0.75%. Never before has optimizing recovery and nutrition been as important in gaining percentages of improvement which can be the difference between winning and not.


Days post-race or fast work the body recovers and adapts allowing the horse to become more oxygen efficient and physically stronger. Muscle recovery requires specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids to give the horse the best possible opportunity to maximize its full potential. This vital edge is optimized by correct nutrition. Supporting race horses mineral and vitamin levels is critical to racing success today.


Used for 47 years by global racing elite Plusvital Racing Syrup is formulated to provide 30 essential vitamins and minerals exceeding NRC recommendations. Key ingredients facilitate strength and recovery.

B vitamins are an essential group of vitamins for a horse to perform at its best. The harder they work the higher the requirement for vitamin B is. B vitamins play a vital role in forming red blood cells, responsible for carrying oxygen to muscles allowing the horse to continue galloping at high intensity whilst removing carbon dioxide. When muscle has a high level of carbon dioxide the horse becomes tired and cannot finish the race.


Additional key ingredients include Vitamin E which reduces oxidative stress. Selenium neutralise free radicals supporting the immune system. Branched chain Amino acids and Threoninie supports muscle recovery essential for strengthening. Zinc and biotin support cellular repair and hoof growth. Available in 2L or 5L Plusvital racing syrup supports your horse in pursuit of their performance goals.



*Allen, K. , & Procter, T. (2016). Winning margins in British
Thoroughbred Racehorses. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 12(2),

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