April is Stress Awareness month. Horses are naturally predisposed to being stressed. As evolved prey animals, their instinct is to be watchful and mindful of threats.
Additionally they are creatures of habit and disruptions to their routine is disrupted can have anxious implications.
In modern equine management horses can experience stress for a variety of reasons from environmental, social or physical factors.
From training routines, feeding schedules to management practices, stress can be triggered in a horse in different ways. Even the hardiest of horses can suffer from stress and if left unmanaged it can impact equine health and even manifest as behavioural issues. In contrast to too much change and lack of routine horses can also become stressed by boredom or a lack of stimulation.
Supplements, when used in conjunction with a well managed routine, can help with stress management. Some of the Plusvital range that offer’s support to equine predisposed or demonstrating signs of stress include:

Plusvital Tryptocool

Plusvital Tryptocool works on the gut-brain axis to help nervous and excitable horses stay cool in response to stress.
A source of Tryptophan, Magnesium and B Vitamins to support the nervous system with added benefit of active yeast, it is a supplement designed to alleviate stress in horses prone to excitable behaviour. Tryptocool can be used in various situations that are known to cause stress to animals such as travelling, showing and competition.
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Plusvital Chillmax

Some horses are naturally nervous animals and some are affected by particular situations such as travelling, competitions, sales and clipping.
Plusvital Chillmax bends magnesium, marine & dairy peptides to help restore chemical balance to the central nervous system & help calm excitable horses in stressful situations.
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Plusvital Neutragast Pellets

Providing all the benefits of Plusvital Neutragast in a soy protein base pelleted form, it is now more palatable especially for fussy eaters. Combining active and natural ingredients to balance gastrointestinal function, these pellets aid the gut-brain axis.

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