Stallion supplementation for breeding season

Rebecca Watson, Chief Technical Officer at Plusvital considered the role of nutrition plays in managing stallions throughout the breeding season.

Stallion nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining fertility, especially when freezing and chilling semen for Artificial Insemination (AI). To ensure optimal semen quality for cryopreservation, stallions require a carefully balanced diet rich in key nutrients. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are essential components that support reproductive health in stallions.

Antioxidants, including vitamin E, selenium and copper help mitigate oxidative stress, which can impair sperm quality and reduce fertility potential. Stallions undergoing semen freezing require higher levels of antioxidants to counteract the oxidative damage caused by the freezing process.

Adequate levels of zinc are essential for testosterone production and overall reproductive function. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids found in sources such as Carron Oil can enhance sperm membrane integrity and viability.

Good management practices such as regular exercise and minimising stress are integral to maintaining stallion fertility. Exercise promotes circulation and muscle tone, which can positively impact reproductive function. Additionally, reducing stressors such as overcrowding, excessive noise, and abrupt changes in routine can help minimize cortisol levels, thereby enhancing fertility.

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