Plusvital Acti-Hoof - 28.00

A rich source of Biotin, amino acids and minerals for healthy and strong hooves.
Plusvital Acti-Hoof is specifically formulated to nourish the structures of the hoof from the inside out. This product aims to promote hoof growth using a combination of Biotin along with Copper, Zinc, Methionine and Lysine which are essential amino acids, required for the formation of Keratin. Acti-Hoof has also the additional benefit of a probiotic yeast.

Acti-Hoof Key features include:

• Biotin for strong & healthy hooves
• Source of Copper, Zinc & Selenium
• Essential amino acids -Lysine & Methionine for hoof growth
• Active yeast for improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Vitamin B6 for transformation of Amino Acids


Available In

  • 750g


Add 25g daily to the feed
Note: best results are seen with continuous supplementation to give the new hoof time to grow

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