Speed Gene Test

The Speed Gene Test has been used by trainers, owners and breeders across the world for over 10 years with many of the leading thoroughbred operations routinely testing all their horses.

The test can be used to:

  • Determine optimum race distance with over 90% accuracy
  • Increase strike rates and earnings through optimised training and race decisions
  • Understand precocity, potential sales impact and 2 year old performance
  • Assist with breeding decisions to produce the preferred type of horse

Product Description


The names of the Speed Gene types – “C:C”, “C:T” and “T:T” – have become familiar across the industry due to the extent of their usage and the recognition of the predictive power of the test.

The Speed Gene Test examines the Myostatin gene – a gene responsible for the regulation of muscle development. Multiple published studies by Plusvital researchers and others have shown race-distance aptitude is almost entirely determined by the genetic make-up of this gene.

The Speed Gene test determines if your horse is one of 3 types:

C:C Best suited to shorter distance races and tend to be more forward – performing better as 2-year-olds and at sales

C: T Most versatile. Best suited to middle distance races as 3-year-old although can perform at shorter distances as 2 year olds.

T: T Best suited to staying distances and are later maturing – often being less suited to 2-year-old racing

This information can also be used for breeding as a mare or stallion will each pass on one of their letters to the foal. Therefore, knowing the Speed Gene Type of the mare and the stallion allows understanding of what type the resulting foal is likely to be e.g. mating a C:T mare with a C:C stallion will produce C:C foals 50% of the time and C:T foals the other 50% with no chance of producing a T:T foal. (This might be better as an image)

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How Can I Use The Speed Gene Test For Breeding?

The results of the Speed Gene Test will help breeders to:

  • Assist in the production of more early-maturing or classic types depending on your preference
  • Increase strike rates for wins and earnings
  • Increase sales prices and clearance rates by using objective, positive genetic information

Use The Speed Gene Test information when matching mares and stallions to produce more of your desired type on a consistent basis. The mare and stallion each pass on one copy of their genetic marker (i.e. ‘C’ or ’T’) to the foal, with a C:T horse being equally likely to pass on a ‘C’ or ’T’.

What’s Your Type?

Each genetic type has equal potential to be an elite racehorse, but they get there in very different ways:

C:Cs tend to be earlier maturing and are better suited to the shorter two-year-old distances with higher strike rates and earnings at this age.

See how C:C Horses In Training perform by age across each region:

Europe | Australia/New Zealand | USA

C:Ts are the most versatile type; they can perform well over shorter distances as two-year-olds and then progress to run over middle distances as three-year-olds and beyond. Therefore, this type has the highest earning potential.
See how C:T Horses In Training perform by age across each region:

Europe | Australia/New Zealand | USA

T:Ts tend to be later maturing and are less suited to two-year-old racing. However, they develop as three-year-olds and have equal lifetime earning potential to C:C types.
See how T:T Horses In Training perform by age across each region:

Europe | Australia/New Zealand | USA

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What the pros are saying

“Having done a genetic test, its implications have opened my eyes into thinking about what the optimum distance of a horse could be and how it could contradict the normal assumptions that might be based on pedigree”
Hugo Palmer
“We do a DNA test on all our horses and he came up a T:T long, which is an extreme distance horse, so before we raced him we knew he was a horse with the genetic potential to run 3,200+ metres. That has always been at the back of our mind.”
Danny O'Brien
Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Danny O’Brien on genetically testing Vow and Declare with the Plusvital Racing Genepak, including the Speed Gene Test
“Anyone breeding horses who doesn’t know the genetic make-up of his mares is throwing caution to the wind. To me, Plusvital’s Speed Gene Test is an absolute necessity.”
Jim Bolger