Comprehensive sand clearance

• Psyllium Husk supplied at 90 g per dose, stimulates intestinal motility and works by forming a gelatin type mass once wet which then agglutinates or absorbs the sand
• As the Psyllium moves through the intestine it brings the sand with it and allows the horse to pass it from the intestine along with faeces
• Contains Yea-Sacc powder at 5 g per dose. This is a probiotic which improves fibre digestion and microbial balance. The addition of active yeast helps improve the microbial balance in the intestine of the horse
• Mannan-Oligosaccharide in the form of Actigen, is a prebiotic derived from the cell wall of yeast composed of small chains of mannose units. They agglutinate pathogenic bacteria and can promote growth of the more beneficial bacteria in the gut
• Linseed Oil has been used for many years in horse diets for its properties as a mild digestive aid. When supplemented to horses it acts as a lubricant for the content as it moves through the intestine

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Product Description


Plusvital Sand Remove is a Psyllium based supplement to aid in the prevention of the build-up of sand in the equine intestine.
It supplies soya based, pelleted, high quality Psyllium husk in combination with Active Yeast, prebiotic Mannan Oligosaccharide (Actigen) and Linseed Oil.

Accumulations of sand and dirt can occur in the intestine as a result of ingestion in certain environments around the world. Sand is ingested when horses are kept on sandy pastures or if horses
are fed grains and hay in a sandy area. These sand accumulations can cause diarrhoea, weight loss and colic. Treatment and prevention of sand related intestinal problems involves the supplementation of a hemicellulose compound, Psyllium seed hull, coupled with promotion of normal, healthy, gut bacterial flora.

Available Sizes & Feeding Days

4Kg / 8.81lbs provides 40 day supply.

Directions for Use

For horses at risk of ingesting sand within their daily diet.
• 100 g/ 3.4 oz dose mixed daily with feed for 7 consecutive days each month for maintenance purposes or as directed by your veterinarian. A 50 g/ 1.7 oz measure is provided.
• Each 4 Kg contains 40 doses.
• Never exceed recommended dose. Consult your equine nutritionist/veterinarian before use.

Key Ingredients

Per 100 g / 3.5 oz dose:
Psyllium Husk Powder 25 g, Mannan oligosaccharide 4 g, Active Yeast 1 g, Linseed Oil 1 g.