Plusvital Supplements Now Available In The USA

Scientifically-Based Supplements From Plusvital Now Available In The USA

Irish equine science company Plusvital has just announced that its range of scientifically-based supplements are now available for customers in the USA.

As a leader in equine nutrition since 1975, Plusvital supplements are used by successful competitors in racing, breeding and equine sports across the world. Following the launch of the world’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses, EnerGene-Q10, Plusvital has continued to develop innovative scientifically-based equine supplements. The company is also the world’s leading provider of genetic testing to the Thoroughbred industry, powered by cutting-edge research from the Plusvital team led by Prof. Emmeline Hill.

Plusvital’s new representative in North America, Marylu Ernsting, has many years of previous experience within the equine industry, including working alongside some of the top equine dermatology professors and internal medicine specialists in America.

Commenting on the announcement, Ernsting said “I’m looking forward to helping riders, trainers, breeders and owners nationwide produce greater results and performance through Plusvital’s scientifically-based supplements and genetic tests”.[vc_single_image image=”8763″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]Plusvital’s clients include leading trainers, owners and breeders in all of the major thoroughbred regions around the world, with over 16,000 horses genetically tested to-date, providing vital data for Plusvital’s multi-million euro genomic and nutrition research program.

The Plusvital range of scientifically-based supplements or genetic tests can be ordered directly by contacting Marylu at +1 (859) 351-3217 or

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