Plusvital Partner With New Zealand Breeders (NZTBA)

Plusvital Partner With New Zealand Breeders (NZTBA)

Irish equine science company Plusvital has just announced a new partnership with the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (NZTBA), who will offer their members detailed information and discounts on Plusvital’s range of genetic tests for Thoroughbred horses. Powered by Equinome’s cutting edge genomic tools, these genetic tests analyse the DNA of a horse to predict optimum race distance, optimum race surface and performance potential.

Commenting on the announcement of this new partnership, Plusvital Sales Director Ciara Watt said: “We are thrilled that the NZTBA has chosen to partner with us in educating and informing their members about the benefits of genetic testing for Thoroughbred breeders. The NZTBA are committed to consistently improving the production of quality thoroughbreds in New Zealand and we hope that our innovative research can contribute to that commendable goal”.

Speaking on behalf of the NZTBA, Justine Sclater said “I felt Plusvital was a nice fit for our association and, when I spoke to Plusvital’s Australasian Sales Manager Brad McCarthy, he was of the same view. Being able to offer New Zealand breeders the opportunity to educate and offer access cutting edge technology in genetics is a part of the equation in breeding”.[vc_single_image image=”8368″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” onclick=”custom_link” link=””]In addition to the newly announced partnership, Plusvital also maintain on-going relationship with the Cambridge Equine Hospital, who offer clients Plusvital’s Speed Gene Test, as well as the Distance Plus Test, which further refines a horse’s optimum trip.

Plusvital maintains an on-going, multi-million euro genomic and nutrition research program at its headquarters in Ireland, with its most recent high-profile development being the launch of EnerGene-Q10, the world’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses. This specifically tailored supplement increases and maintains the energy levels of horses during exercise, with particularly benefit for T:T type horses as categorised by the Speed Gene Test.

With over 15,000 Thoroughbreds genetically tested worldwide to date, Plusvital’s clients include leading trainers, owners and breeders in all of the major Thoroughbred regions.

Prices for Plusvital’s genetic tests start at just NZ$435.

Learn more about Plusvital scientifically-based range of supplements here and the company’s cutting-edge genetic tests here.

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