Plusvital Launches New Racing GenePak To Give Trainers The Edge

Plusvital Launches New Racing GenePak To Give Trainers The Edge

Recent research on the winning margins of British Thoroughbred racing, conducted last year within the University of Bristol, found that the average winning margin between first and second is just 0.32%. It is no wonder then that every small improvement can help trainers and owners gain a significant edge over the competition. [vc_single_image image=”6555″ img_size=”full”]With this in mind, Irish equine science company Plusvital, which acquired leading genomic testing company Equinome last year, has just launched the Racing GenePak, which provides objective, scientific information to support training and race entry decisions. The Racing GenePak combines Plusvital’s most popular genetic tool, the Speed Gene Test, with the more advanced Distance Plus Test, which predicts a horse’s optimum race distance to within a couple of furlongs. For US-based customers, Plusvital’s Dirt vs Turf test can be added to indicate whether a horse is genetically better suited to performing on dirt or turf surfaces. The quality of the information provided makes these tests the leading genetic tool for racehorse trainers available on the market.

 Commenting on the launch of this new offer, Plusvital CEO Mike Shelly said:

 “The launch of this new genetic test offer by Plusvital makes it easier than ever for our clients to gain an edge with the amount of information we can provide from their horse’s DNA. This combination of tests alone can help a trainer determine a horse’s optimum race distance, increase their strike rates and even manage expectations on two-year-old performance.

Overall, we feel the additional information in these tests will further strengthen the use of this technology across the industry, where it is used a tool to complement existing horsemanship and pedigree analysis.”

“We’re really pleased with the revised price we’re able to offer the Speed Gene Test and Racing GenePak at. Never has genetic testing for Thoroughbred horses been so accessible to all trainers and owners” he added.

The most high-profile example of the use of Plusvital’s genetic information for a horse in training was the decision to withdraw Galileo Gold from the Derby following confirmation that he tested as a C:C sprint type. Galileo Gold has continued to excel at a mile following that decision, including winning the St. James’ Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot. This is just one example of the over 14,000 Thoroughbreds that have been tested to date.

Plusvital have an on-going, multi-million euro genomic and nutrition research program, with an increased focus on the potential to use genetic testing to identify horses with a predisposition to health conditions, a key industry concern as highlighted at recent Thoroughbred breeders’ meetings.

Prices for Plusvital’s Speed Gene Test start at just €295, with the newly launched Racing GenePak available for €435.[vc_video link=”” align=”center”]

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