Preparing yearlings for sale is a meticulous process that requires attention to every detail, from their diet to their training regimen. One essential tool in this preparation is Plusvital Breeding Syrup, a supplement designed to support the health and development of yearlings, ensuring they present as their best selves at sale time.

Support Growth and Development

Plusvital Breeding Syrup is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that support the optimal growth and development of young horses. This balanced syrup ensures that yearlings develop robust bones and muscles, setting a solid foundation for their future performance.

Boosts Immune System

Yearlings are particularly susceptible to illnesses, especially during the stressful sales prep period. Plusvital Breeding Syrup contains antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system, keeping these young horses healthy and resilient.

Improved Coat Condition

A glossy, healthy coat can significantly enhance a yearling’s appeal to potential buyers. The nutrients in Plusvital Breeding Syrup promote a shiny and well-conditioned coat, making your yearlings stand out in the sale ring.

Energy and Vitality

Training and showing as part of the sales season can be demanding, requiring yearlings to be at their energetic best. This syrup provides key nutrients that support energy levels and stamina, helping young horses maintain peak condition.

Palatable and Easy to Administer

Plusvital Breeding Syrup is designed to be palatable, ensuring that yearlings consume it without fuss. Its easy administration pump makes it a convenient addition to their daily routine as well as limiting product waste.

Trusted by Professionals

Backed by scientific research and trusted by breeders and trainers, Plusvital Breeding Syrup has a proven track record of delivering results. Regular use leads to improved overall health and vitality, ensuring your yearlings are in top form for sales.

Plusvital Breeding Syrup is an tried and tested supplement for preparing Thoroughbred yearlings for sale. Its comprehensive benefits support their growth, health, and overall presentation, making it a vital part of any successful sales prep program.

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