Our Vision

To deliver ground-breaking new services in equine performance and health management,
including the exciting emerging field of nutrigenomics.


  • Over 40 years’ experience delivering optimum care through nutrition and science
  • Premium nutraceuticals developed with leading equine nutritionists and anti-doping experts in Europe and USA


  • Developed world’s first test linking athletic performance in the Thoroughbred to a genetic marker (Equinome Speed Gene Test)
  • Provides the most sophisticated genetic testing platform available for the Thoroughbred racehorse, with performance-related information on training, breeding and selection

Together we are a highly-skilled team of scientists and professionals, with the aim of improving equine health and performance, through continual research and development.

Our research team, led by Chief Science Officer, Dr Emmeline Hill, has published more scientific papers on Thoroughbred exercise genomics than any other research group worldwide.


Research team of world-leading experts in molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, equine exercise physiology, statistics and nutrition


12,000+ horses genetically tested


All nutritional products manufactured to EU feed hygiene standards, and are designed in accordance with FEI and Jockey Club regulations


40+ peer-reviewed papers published by Plusvital scientists on equine exercise genomics

Plusvital and Equinome products and services are available in 32 countries worldwide.

Plusvital map

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