Johnny Murtagh Partners With Plusvital As An Official Brand Ambassador

Johnny Murtagh Partners With Plusvital As An Official Brand Ambassador

Irish equine science company Plusvital has just announced a new partnership with the five-time Champion jockey and Group winning trainer, Johnny Murtagh, who will act as an official brand ambassador for the company’s range of scientifically-based supplements.

As leaders in equine nutrition since 1975, Plusvital’s supplements and care products have been used by successful trainers and riders across the world. Following their acquisition of Irish equine genetic testing company, Equinome, last year, the brand has continued to focus on improving equine performance through science.

[vc_single_image image=”6790″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]Speaking on the announcement of this new partnership, Plusvital CEO Mike Shelly said: “We are delighted to welcome on board someone with as distinguished a record as Johnny’s as a Plusvital brand ambassador. In particular, the Plusvital Racing Range of supplements have been scientifically designed to assist horses such as those at JP Murtagh Racing with their recovery and wellness during training, which means they can give their best on raceday.”

Speaking on behalf of JP Murtagh Racing, Johnny Murtagh said “We’re very excited to develop a new partnership with Plusvital. Plusvital Racing Syrup is actually my favourite supplement at the moment, because I can give it to my horses five days before a race and it perks them up enough to hopefully give the extra edge needed to come out on top”.

“We take a lot of measures to keep our horses as healthy as possible. The well-being of our horses is everything for us and the Plusvital supplements have helped us to maintain a very health conscious approach around the yard” he added.

Offering scientifically-based supplements for the serious competitor in all aspects of the equine industry, any of the Plusvital supplement range can be purchased directly or through a number of selected local suppliers, as displayed on the company’s website ([vc_video link=”” align=”center”]

About Plusvital

Plusvital has been a leader in equine nutrition since its formation in 1975, growing out of Ireland’s world-famous racing and sport horse tradition. Since the introduction of our iconic Racing Syrup to the market over 40 years ago, we have continued to develop innovative scientifically-based equine supplements.

Plusvital has an on-going, multi-million euro genomic and nutrition research program at its headquarters in Ireland, with with a focus on developing innovative products based upon strong scientific research to help empower the performance of our clients.

For further details on how Plusvital can give you a competitive advantage, please call +353 (0) 860463187 or email

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