Get to know : Paddy O’Donnell

We recently caught up with Plusvital Brand Ambassador Paddy O’Donnell, he shared his his top tips while preparing for a return to the competition ring, and his racing car aspirations!

Paddy O’Donnell Showjumper Plusvital
Paddy O’Donnell Showjumper Plusvital

Q: What was your childhood ambition?

I always wanted to make a career out of horses and the hope was to work hard enough to build a place and be successful.

Q: Growing up, who was your sporting hero?

When I was 14 I trained with Edward Doyle. He is someone that I have always looked up to. He talks common sense, which sometimes isn’t that common and he is a fantastic rider.

Q: What sparked your love of showjumping?

I fondly remember when I was 9 jumping a double clear on my pony Killusty Moonshine at Iverk show. That is the day that will live in my memory that sparked my love of showjumping.

Q: What horse/ pony put you on the map?

Harristown Princess. She was my first horse and to end up becoming National Champion on before she retired is what dreams are made of.

Q: What is your most memorable showjumping moment?

There have been lots, I am very lucky. If I had to pick one it was becoming National Champion. As a kid it was something that I always aspired to achieving.

Q: If you weren’t a horse rider, what would you be?

If I had enough money I would be a racing car driver!!! That’s unlikely so it would probably be Veterinary or physiotherapy.

Q: If you could ride one horse, what horse would that be?

I would love to rider Grandarado. He is blood, careful, beautifully balanced and scopey. To watch he gives the impression that the feeling is beautiful.

Q: Outside of horses, what is your favourite sporting moment?

I don’t have one! My sporting interests are one dimensional. I would love to see Waterford win the Hurling All Ireland.

Q: What tips would you give to someone getting their horse ready for competition post Covid lockdown?

1. Make sure the horses are fit. This time of year they sweat a lot so don’t forget to stock up on your Plusvital Electrolyte Plus

2. Preparation is key. When horses have not been in the ring for a long time they can be fresh and spooky. Have your homework done. Make sure you go away schooling before a competition.

Q: What is your favourite Plusvital product?

Neutragast and Sports Syrup. The Sports Syrup is great to keep all the competition horses on form as this busy time of year. Neutragast is excellent to ensure the horses digestive system stays healthy.

Q: Finally, tell us one thing about yourself that people might find surprising….

I love machinery, building things and new projects!!

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