Free Seminar Series On Equine Genetics To Take Place In Ireland And The UK

Free Seminar Series On Equine Genetics To Take Place In Ireland And The UK

Plusvital, the Irish equine science company that merged with leading equine genetics company Equinome last year, has announced that it will run a series of free seminars on equine genetics.

These seminars will take place in the UK and Ireland on the week of 17 – 20 October, with an additional seminar in Ireland on 05 December. Locations include Kildare, Newmarket, Lambourn, Yorkshire and Tipperary, and the seminars are open to all industry professionals.[vc_single_image image=”6553″ img_size=”full”]The evenings are aimed to provide an insight into the rapid development in equine genetics in recent years, how leading breeding and racing operations have been using these tools, and the likely direction of the technology in the near future. The seminars will also include an open questions and answers forum, providing everyone with an opportunity to put their questions or concerns over the adoption of genetic tools to inform breeding and training decisions across the industry.

Commenting on the announcement of the seminar series, Plusvital Chief Operating Officer Donal Ryan said:
“We have seen constant large growth year on year in the use of genomics within the industry since Equinome launched in 2010, and as the technology has developed to the point where we are now testing tens of thousands of genetic markers for multiple traits on every horse the applications are becoming more and more broad, with people using it from leading global breeding operations to owners with a single mare.

Ever since the announcement by Galileo Gold’s connections over the summer that they would use a Plusvital genetic test as part of their decsion on whether to send him to the Derby, there has been considerable interest and comment on the potential positive and negative effects of these new technologies in horse racing and breeding. The aim of these free seminar nights is to present the science in an accessible way, explain both the advantages and limitations of genetics and how they should be appropriately used as a tool alongside traditional breeding and training methods. We welcome all interested parties to attend, including those that are curious or sceptical. Our aim is to give a little bit more detail and allow the audience to put it to the experts!”

Each evening will begin at 6pm with registration and light refreshments on arrival. The seminar series is free and all are welcome. The dates are as follows:

For further information email or call +353 (0)1 7163775

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