Equine Supplements

Scientifically-based equine supplements for the serious competitor in racing, breeding and equine sports.

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  • Nutrigenomic

    Plusvital’s Nutrigenomic supplements range combines the studies of nutrition and genomics to offer tailored nutritional solutions based on a horse's genetic make-up.

  • Racing

    Plusvital’s Racing equine supplements range is specially designed supplements for horses in training, as well as after competition where reduced recovery time is ideal.

  • Sport

    Plusvital's Equine Sport supplements range is designed to cater for the nutritional demands put on the horse through different intensities of the sport disciplines.

  • Support

    Plusvital's carefully formulated range of Equine Support supplements for trainers and horse owners who feel their horses require additional support depending on a horse’s particular needs.

  • Breeding

    Plusvital's Breeding equine supplements range is designed to meet the unique breeding needs of stallions, mares and foals through specialised multivitamins.

  • Care

    Plusvital's Equine Care range is specially designed to cater for the care and grooming needs of the horse, as well as the maintenance of leather and tack.


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