The Speed Gene Test

The Speed Gene Test

The results of the Speed Gene Test will help trainers to:

  • Determine optimum race distance with over 90% accuracy
  • Inform expectations on two-year-old performance
  • Increase strike rates and earnings though optimised training and race decisions

The Speed Gene Test was launched by Equinome in 2010 and since then has grown to be the most firmly established genetic test for Thoroughbred horses around the globe. This test examines changes in the DNA within the “Myostatin” gene, which is responsible for muscle development and muscle fibre type.

The Speed Gene test then categorises horses into three distinctive types:

  • C:C Sprint/Mile Types
  • C:T Middle Distance Types
  • T:T Staying Types

What’s Your Type?

Each genetic type has equal potential to be an elite racehorse, but they get there in very different ways:

  • C:Cs tend to be earlier maturing and are better suited to the shorter two-year-old distances with higher strike rates and earnings at this age.
  • C:Ts are the most versatile type; they can perform well over shorter distances as two-year-olds and then progress to run over middle distances as three-year-olds and beyond. Therefore, this type has the highest earning potential.
  • T:Ts tend to be later maturing and are less suited to two-year-old racing. However, they develop as three-year-olds and have equal lifetime earning potential to C:C types.

How Can I Use The Speed Gene Test For Breeding?

The results of the Speed Gene Test will help breeders to:

  • Assist in the production of more early-maturing or classic types depending on your preference
  • Increase strike rates for wins and earnings
  • Increase sales prices and clearance rates by using objective, positive genetic information

Use The Speed Gene Test information when matching mares and stallions to produce more of your desired type on a consistent basis. The mare and stallion each pass on one copy of their genetic marker (i.e. ‘C’ or ’T’) to the foal, with a C:T horse being equally likely to pass on a ‘C’ or ’T’.

The table to the right shows clearly how to tilt the breeding odds in your favour.


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