The Raced/Unraced Test

The Raced/Unraced Test

The results of the Raced/Unraced Test will help you to:

  • Identify foals with the greatest potential to have a racecourse start as a two or three-year-old
  • Reduce the number of horses that never make it to the track
  • Increase strike rates and earnings through optimised training and racing decisions

It has been estimated that up to 33% of the Thoroughbred horse population never makes it to the racecourse. The Raced/Unraced Test predicts chance of a foal having at least one racecourse start in their two or three-year-old seasons, ranking horses as Higher Potential, Medium Potential or Lower Potential to achieve this start.

It is understood that there are multiple reasons as to why a horse might never make it to the racecourse. The Raced/Unraced Test also identifies the genetic contributions that may underpin these traits, with 4,227 horses from all major race regions used in the development of this test.

“Higher Potential” horses were significantly more likely to:

  • Have a higher probability of making it to the racetrack
  • Achieve a higher strike rate
  • Reach a higher earning potential
  • Give a higher return on investment


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