The Projected Height Test

The Projected Height Test

The results of the Projected Height Test will help you to:

  • Confidently predict the expected mature height at withers of a young foal
  • Identify horses that are 70% likely to be within the specific height range desired by the owner 
  • Produce horses of a desired height more consistently

The Projected Height Test predicts the mature height at withers within 2.54cm (1 inch), with a 70% success rate from birth. Based on DNA analysis of the LCORL/NCAPG gene region and the sex of the horse, this test categorises horses into one of three distinctive projected height types: A:A, G:A or G:G.

The potential outcomes from any breeding combination can be predicted if the genetic type of the stallion and mare are known, with the Projected Height Test results contributing to the informed selection of a preferred type of horse.

The Projected Height Test can be used to complement other selection tools to shortlist stallions and mares most likely to produce the desired result.

Projected Height Test types:

  • A:A Small Physical Height (158.54cm – 165.34cm*)
  • G:A Medium Physical Height (160.9cm – 167.68cm*)
  • G:G Tall Physical Height (165.74cm – 170.82cm*)

*Mature height at withers

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