The Dirt vs Turf Test

The Dirt vs Turf Test

The results of the Dirt vs Turf Test will help you to:

  • Identify prospects suited to dirt or turf racing
  • Reduce the number of wasted races trying to identify best surface
  • Increase strike rates and earnings through optimised training and racing decisions

The Dirt vs Turf Test identifies whether the horse’s genetic race preference is a dirt or turf surface.

Many consider surface preference to be indicated by pedigree and physical type since sires are often ranked according to the success of their progeny on different surfaces. However, it is often unclear until a horse has raced a number of times as to which surface it is best suited to. Similarly, some stallions can produce progeny with different surface preferences and with the global movement of stallions, pedigree may not always be the best indicator of a horse’s surface preference type.

Given this, the results of the Dirt vs Turf Test categorise horses as:

  • Dirt Pro: 3 out of 4 prefer dirt (75%)
  • Dirt: 3.2 out of 5 prefer dirt (64%)
  • Turf: 1 in 2 prefer turf (51%)
  • Turf Pro: 4 out of 5 prefer turf (80%)


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