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Premium Pack

The results of the Premium Pack will help you to:
✓ Achieve higher strike rates by identifying individuals with the highest genetic potential for elite racecourse and breeding success
✓ Produce more elite racehorses and breeding stock
✓ Increase earnings through optimised training and racing decisions

The Premium Pack combines all of Plusvital’s cutting-edge genetic tests to provide detailed functional gene information and the most comprehensive genomic assessment currently available for Thoroughbreds, including the Speed Gene Test and the Elite Performance Test.

Elite Performance Test

The Elite Performance Test is the most comprehensive method of predicting genetic potential, analysing each horse for 50,000 genetic markers to determine their contribution to elite racing and breeding performance. The results of the Elite Performance Test provide three informative outputs: Genomic Racing Value, Genomic Breeding Value and Genomic Inbreeding Value.

– Genomic Racing Value: The genetic potential of a horse to achieve elite success, with a Genomic Racing Value of 1 – 4 assigned to each horse tested.

– Genomic Breeding Value: The genetic potential of a horse to produce offspring with a higher potential to achieve elite success, with a Genomic Breeding Value of 1 – 4 assigned to each horse tested.

– Genomic Inbreeding Value: The level of inbreeding in a Thoroughbred horse, with a Genomic Inbreeding Value of Low, Medium or High assigned to each horse tested.

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Racing GenePak

The Speed Gene is the most important contributor to best race distance, accounting for almost 50% of the genetic variation on its own. However, refining the best race distance requires a more complex arrangement of genetic markers.

Building on any results generated from the Speed Gene Test, the Racing GenePak further refines the predicted optimum race distance to within a couple of furlongs, sub-categorising the Speed Gene types into “Short” or “Long” (e.g. C:T – Short or C:T – Long). The Racing GenePak analyses 50,000 genetic markers to provide an enhanced level of information when combined with the Speed Gene Test.

View a sample Plusvital Speed Gene Test results report here.

Raced/Unraced Test

It has been estimated that up to 33% of the Thoroughbred horse population never makes it to the racecourse. The Raced/Unraced Test predicts chance of a foal having at least one racecourse start in their two or three-year-old seasons, ranking horses as Higher Potential, Medium Potential or Lower Potential to achieve this start.

Higher Potential horses were significantly more likely to:
– Have a higher probability of making it to the racetrack
– Achieve a higher strike rate
– Reach a higher earning potential
– Give a higher return on investment

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Projected Height Test

The Projected Height Test predicts the mature height at withers within 2.54cm (1 inch), with a 70% success rate from birth. Based on DNA analysis of the LCORL/NCAPG gene region and the sex of the horse, this test categorises horses into one of three distinctive projected height types: A:A, G:A or G:G.

The potential outcomes from any breeding combination can be predicted if the genetic type of the stallion and mare are known, with the Projected Height Test results contributing to the informed selection of a preferred type of horse. The Projected Height Test can be used to complement other selection tools to shortlist stallions and mares most likely to produce the desired result.

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