Plusvital EnerGene-Q10 Now Available At Rossdales

Irish equine science company Plusvital is delighted to announce that leading UK equine veterinary practice Rossdales will now offer Plusvital EnerGene-Q10, the world’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses.

Scientifically formulated to contain a highly bioavailable form of Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), EnerGene-Q10 supports more efficient energy production within a horse’s muscles, in addition to containing important antioxidant properties to aid in delaying fatigue and assist in reducing recovery time following intense exercise.

Plusvital Rossdales

Following extensive research published in conjunction with scientists at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, Plusvital has shown that Thoroughbred horses that are T:T (suited to exercise requiring stamina) genetic types, as identified by the Plusvital Speed Gene Test, produced significantly lower cellular levels of CoQ10 than the other (C:C and C:T) genetic types, but that these levels can be restored with supplementation. In follow-up field trials, the scientists found that CoQ10 concentration in the muscle increased by 40% following nine weeks of oral supplementation.

The Speed Gene Test is designed to predict optimum race distance and precocity potential by categorising horses as one of three genetic types: C:C (suited to sprint exercise), C:T (suited to exercise requiring speed and stamina) and T:T (suited to exercise requiring stamina).

Plusvital’s cutting-edge genetic tests, which analyse the DNA of a horse to predict optimum race distance, optimum race surface and performance potential, can also be accessed through Rossdales’ Laboratories. These tests include the Speed Gene Test, as well as the Distance Plus Test, which further refines a horse’s optimum trip. Both these tests may be combined as part of Plusvital’s Racing GenePak. With over 15,000 Thoroughbreds genetically tested worldwide to date, Plusvital’s clients include leading trainers, owners and breeders in all of the major Thoroughbred regions.

Plusvital maintains an on-going, multi-million euro genomic and nutrition research program at its headquarters in Ireland. Its most recent high-profile developments surround the innovative field of nutrigenomics, which combines the studies of nutrition and genomics to investigate a horse’s nutritional requirements based on their genetic make-up. This follows the increasingly common view that a “one size fits all” nutritional approach may not yield the best outcome and that each horse often has a slightly different nutrient requirement regardless of similarities between breed, training regime, age etc.

Prices for Plusvital’s genetic tests start at just £260, with Plusvital’s EnerGene-Q10 priced at £72 per tub (one month’s supply).

Learn more about Plusvital EnerGene-Q10 here or Plusvital’s cutting-edge genetic tests here.

About Rossdales

Rossdales is the largest equine practice in Europe, providing world-class facilities and technology and employing 45 veterinary surgeons and more than 100 support staff from their Newmarket, Exning, Hertfordshire and Lambourn bases. Continual investment in the latest veterinary technology, techniques and infrastructure, together with the attraction of dedicated expert and specialist equine vets, has not only ensured the creation of one of the largest Thoroughbred ambulatory practices in Europe, but has also provided the facilities and expertise to encourage the development of one of the largest equine referral practices, admitting all types of equine patient.

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