About Us

Plusvital have been leaders in equine nutrition since our formation in 1975. Plusvital grew out of Ireland’s world-famous racing and sport horse tradition. Since introduction of our iconic Racing Syrup to the market, Plusvital’s supplements and care products have been used by successful trainers and riders across the world and we continue to supply products to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

We have recently reformulated our Racing and Support product ranges in line with the the latest dietary equine science, balanced by key findings from our in-depth global forage analysis. We continue to develop innovative new products and all our products are independently evaluated by a panel of European and US equine nutritionists and scientists in addition to our in-house expertise.

Our products are manufactured to exacting EU feed hygiene standards. All our products are designed to meet the rules of the F.E.I. and Jockey Club. We retain an international doping technical expert to both review all our formulations and also to oversee our risk-based testing regime that tests raw materials and products for natural occurring prohibited substances (NOPS).

Plusvital is a family-owned company dedicated to delivering scientifically based products for the athletic horse. Trainers and riders can rest assured their horses are getting the benefit of the latest thinking in equine nutrition. We are committed to providing products based on real data and research and are happy to discuss our products with you at any stage.

Plusvital – Empower Performance.

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